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Mother and a Child

What is a Humanist naming ceremony?

Celebrate your child's arrival and recognise 'guide-parents' - with a naming ceremony. This is also a lovely way to celebrate a new name following adoption, the blending of families or gender reassignment.

A Humanist naming ceremony allows you to mark the occasion with a deeply personal and meaningful service, that’s been written just for you and is inclusive for all.

As outlined on the Humanist UK website, Naming ceremonies:

  • Can be held wherever you want: at home, in the park, the garden, or your local village hall

  • Focus on the individual child, their personality and the friends and family that surround them

  • Are a perfect way to welcome a baby, a stepchild or an adopted child into your family

  • Can be held whenever you’re ready. There’s no rush: many are combined first birthday celebrations, for example, and we also conduct many joint namings for siblings.

Each naming ceremony is totally unique and tailored towards the needs of each family. Although each one is different, they usually include parental promises along with the appointment of ‘guideparents’.

I try to keep things as relaxed as possible. Quite often, people like to hold these at the family home or back garden, a village hall or function room. Wherever it’s held, there is usually lots of noise and plenty of other children running around.

During the process, I’d take the time to get you know you, and understand your needs for the day. From our conversations, I’d write your script, which I'll then amend as you wish until you're completely happy with it. 

I’d also offer lots of ideas for readings and symbolic rituals such as a certificate signing, planting a tree or writing in a memory book.

If you think I could be the right person for you, or if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you.

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